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Street Profile: Glenmore Road

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There are a few streets around the city where, for one reason or another, I have sold several houses – even if I haven’t sold another for a kilometer radius from the street! Maybe it’s coincidence, but maybe it’s because there’s something special about those streets. Glenmore Road (in the Woodbine/Gerrard area) is one such street. Just west and a touch north of The Beach, Glenmore nevertheless offers quick access to Queen St E, the boardwalk, etc., while also being closer to the Danforth for those wanting easy subway access. I’m also a big fan of the Gerrard streetcar – right at the top of the street – not because I love streetcars, per se, but because I like an alternate, mid-latitude route downtown.

In many ways, Glenmore Rd is a classic East-End Toronto street: hilly, with a fantastic tree canopy, and solidly built, brick semis and detached house. Most (but not all) of the houses have parking. Fairmount Park is just a few blocks away, and there’s a great ravine nearby for nature walks. After school kids play and parents chat the evening away in the relaxed manner of a close-knit community. It’s really something to behold!

The local public school is Bowmore Rd (both Junior and Senior), which features a pool, two gyms, a Parenting Centre, two daycare centres (Bowmore Community Daycare and Bowmore Child Enrichment Centre)* and rather large grounds. Children may also attend Equinox Holistic Alternative School, which is just a few blocks away. The local secondary school is Monarch Park Collegiate. The neighbourhood is rich with community resources.

A few of my clients (and friends) on the street were kind enough to share their thoughts about living on Glenmore Rd. Caroline had this to say: “My children and I have lived on Glenmore for over 12 years. We love our home and we love living on this street. It would be a tough sell convincing us to move away. The street is beautiful the the trees that abound on  both sides. Children are everywhere playing football or hockey on the road. Neighbours can often be seen enjoying a glass of wine in front with each other. It is a friendly place. I can easily walk to the Danforth or Queen St. It is a five minute walk to school. With all of this, why would you want to live anywhere else?”

At present, I have 4 past clients living on Glenmore. That can’t be a coincidence! It’s just a great street. 🙂




*Source: TDSB web site

January 2015 Market Review

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Despite yet another growing wave of media fear-mongering about the Toronto real estate market, January was yet another strong month both for volume and prices. The number of sales was up 6.1% over January 2014, to 4,355 transactions; that strong activity helped drive the average sale price up 4.9%, to $552,575.

The more interesting news was that the number of new listings was up by 9.1%, to 9,596 (from 8,762 in the same month last year). At the same time, the total number of available listings (i.e. new in January, plus what was already on the market) was down by 2.5%, from 11,903 to 11,600. This shows that sellers are confident that it’s a good time to put their property on the market (again, despite what one might hear about ‘the best time to buy’, which correlates to ‘the worst time to sell’), and buyers are happily snapping them up.

As for the rest of the year, we all keep hearing concerns about the Canadian economy, and how lower oil prices are bad for us and will lead to all sorts of troubles. However, I hope you’ll recall that in 2009, when oil dipped below $40/barrel, a big threat to the post-recession economy was the threat of rising oil prices (amidst fears it could hit … $80!), because of the impact on consumers’ pocket books. How can it be that rising oil prices were bad five years ago, and falling oil prices are bad now? Sure, the actual price matters as much as the direction (it’s about $57/barrel now, more than the 2008-09 low). I’m just pointing out that there’s always a wicked spin on the news. Obviously, more money in our pockets now means more spending all across the economy, which is a huge stimulant to economic growth. That’s the bigger picture, and more relevant here in Toronto.

Either way, as I always say, the price of real estate in other cities really doesn’t affect prices in Toronto. Even during the global recession of ’08-’09 the Toronto market barely skipped a beat. The recent drop in oil prices will have an impact on real estate in Alberta, maybe a bit in BC, but the effects are unlikely to be hard felt here in Toronto. Yes, that could change – panic is infectious, especially when spread so eagerly by news peddlers – but it’s not something that I’m worried about. Toronto is, and always will be, a unique part of the Canadian real estate world. That’s not going to change any time soon!

Frances Loring Lane – 3 storey townhouse: ** SOLD**

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The Riverside neighbourhood has grown in leaps and bounds over the last few years. With new condos on Queen St, interesting shops and pubs popping up all around the area (Merchants of Green Coffee, Prohibition) or undergoing a revival (The Opera House, the old red stone ‘club’ at 704 Queen St E…) and the brand new Joel Weeks park, the area is blossoming. A more livable area makes for more foot traffic (locals and shoppers), successful businesses, and surging property values. It’s hard to find an ‘up-and-coming’ area in Toronto – because most of ’em are already here – but Riverside is one.

That’s what makes my new listing there so exciting. Number 2 Frances Loring Lane, right near Broadview and Queen St E, is a 3 storey, 3 bedroom, 1.5 bathroom townhouse with wood flooring throughout. Just about five years old, it features custom cabinetry and Corian counter tops in the kitchen, built-in closet organizers and custom window coverings. It also includes parking and a storage locker, an east-facing, main-floor patio and a west-facing 3rd floor balcony over-looking the Don Valley (with a great view of the city line).

From a location/value point of view, this one is fantastic. It’s a short streetcar ride (501 or 504) downtown or up to the subway (again, the 504) and access to the DVP is right at the top of the street. You can pop down into the Don Valley for a nature walk/run/ride; stroll the local strip; or hike over to Leslieville. It’s no surprise that the walk score is 92 – and the transit score is 97!


UPDATE: We generated five offers on this great listing and sold it on offer night. If you are in the market – or have something to sell in the area – feel free to get in touch with me!