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  • October 2022 Market Review

    Following the 4.3% decline in year-over-year average sale price that we saw in September, October saw a slightly bigger decline, with the average sale price dipping 5.7% in October. There were 4,961 sales in October 2022, down from 9743 in October 2021. That’s similar to......

  • April 2022 Market Review

    As happens from time to time, the Toronto real estate market has entered a pause. Lots of voices are pointing to increased mortgage rates, and that’s a factor, but I think there’s more to it than just that. The market was incredibly competitive for the......

  • January 2022 Market Review

    The Toronto real estate market has been characterized by low supply for years now. That’s really been the primary driver of price increases. Sure, there are other factors like low interest rates, a strong and diverse job market, new and renovated homes that drive up......