November 21, 2008 eNewsletter

Crunching the numbers…again

Most of you received my lengthy note about what the actual numbers say about the Toronto Real Estate market. There has definitely been a change in the overall market, but the annual average is still close to last year – up a bit here, down a bit there. The bottom line is that it’s now a buyer’s market, but the sky isn’t falling. Please call any time to talk about this in more detail, and/or email me if you didn’t get the note and I’ll be happy to forward you a copy.

Help a friend – refer to us!

In today’s volatile real estate market, we can’t over-stress how important it is to have a great agent – or in our case, 2 great agents! We all know that we are now in a buyer’s market; buyers need a strong negotiator to save them money and get them the best terms possible. For sellers, home prep and marketing are more important than ever. Emily’s expertise in that area will give them a unique edge. Also, a key characteristic of this market is a longer sell cycle. It’s important to maintain an active profile in the market; that’s why we don’t quit ’til the home is sold!
If your friends or family are planning to buy or sell in this market, put them in good hands – call us today!

Aviation in Canada: The Pioneer Decades

Many of you know that my dad is a book publisher. With over 30 titles, CANAV Books is Canada’s aviation heritage publisher. In honour of the 100th anniversary of flight in Canada, CANAV is producing a 3 volume tribute to the people, aircraft, and institutions of a uniquely Canadian story. Visit the Canav Books web site for more information about Aviation in Canada: The Pioneer Decades – and loads of other great titles. You can also ‘Like’ CANAV’s Facebook Fan Page

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