Street Profile: Skylark Rd

The Lambton Baby Point area is somewhat famous for large, expensive homes, but there’s a great pocket just north of Baby Point. The ’50s era development consists of winding streets of brick semi-detached homes right on the Humber River Valley, which – if you didn’t already know – is a fabulous part of Toronto’s natural heritage (e.g. a main route for the annual salmon run). At the same time, it’s close to Bloor St W for great shopping and eating, and the subway for easy access downtown.

In there is a street called Skylark Rd. It’s another street where I have sold more than one house. Ten years ago one could get a decent house (needing a bit of updating) for under $300k. These days, partly because of the generational change there and a wave of renovations, houses often sell for over $600k. It’s an exciting area, and still quite affordable.

My client Sandra put it perfectly: “This is a neighbourhood where the first generation of buyers bought young, raised families and stayed late into their lives. Over the last 10 years couples and young families have steadily replaced those older owners. That pace of turnover has really picked up in the last few years. Now our neighbourhood park is teaming with tons of young families. It’s an easy place to make friends and a safe place for kids to play. For us, the valley is a great neigbourhood for us to raise our family without going to the ‘burbs and Skylark (in our opinion) is one of its best streets.

We love that we’re only a five minute drive from the great stores and restaurants in Bloor West Village, and just a five minute walk from the Humber river with its great parks and trails. There’s also a grocery store literally just around the corner and three good schools within easy walking distance.”

Toronto is full of great pockets and hidden gems, and this is one of them. If you’re looking west end, but High Park is a bit out of reach, try Magwood Park instead! 😉


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